Episode 081: A Heart Made For War (Part I)


Doug “The Thug” Smith was always a small kid.  He was picked on with regularity, and there was little to be done about it.  Then, one day, his dad taught him to box.  When high school came, Doug began lifting weights, and honing his fighting skills.  By his senior year, he was not only 6’2″ 220 lbs, but he was the most feared kid in school…that’s because he’d made a mockery of every bully in the place.

When he graduated, he didn’t have much direction in his life.  He wasn’t sure where to turn.  Then, he began watching hockey with his best friend.  Soon, the two realized, with Doug’s fighting prowess, there might be something he could do on the ice.  So, they began practicing.

This is the first part of the completely unlikely journey of Doug Smith into the ranks of professional hockey as an enforcer.  In this episode, we’ll see Doug’s repeated chance meetings get him in the door of numerous hockey teams, and eventually onto the ice for professional hockey team.  It’s there that he begins to show the minor league world what he’s really made of.


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